As a huge fan of 70s fashion, I couldn’t be more excited that flared jeans are back in vogue! I think they are uber stylish, comfortable and what’s more – they flatter almost every body type as long as the look is styled well.

I, for one, am glad that the skinny jeans trend is taking a back seat because I’d had enough of seeing practically any style of jeans or pants be it cropped or distressed or what have you, being super tight around my ankles. This is no way means that the skinny trend is on its way out; its just got some much-needed healthy competition!

If you’ve only been wearing skinny jeans for a while, I can imagine how you’d feel unsure about how to style your flared jeans. I was for a bit too until I got my hands on this stunning pair from Zara. For a street chic look, I’ve styled my pair with a side-knotted slogan tee from ONLY. A backpack and pair of tinted aviators later, I was good to go!

Now to help you guys put your look together, I’ve put together a definitive list of dos and don’ts:


– As flared jeans are loose below the knee, you need to balance it out by wearing relatively fitted tops. This will bring structure to your look.
– Classic coloured tees + flared jeans = always uber chic!
– I’m a big fan of the slogan tees + flared jeans look. Give it a try and you’ll see why!
– Love flower power and That 70s Show? You should style your pair with a floral top in that case.
– For a more professional look, team your flared jeans with a solid coloured top and a fitted blazer and voila, you are good to go.
– You can style with boots, barely theres, wedges and flats as well. My personal favourite are wedges.
– If you love crop tops, you can try styling them with your jeans as well. Just don’t go too short.
– Try styling your flared jeans with a class white buttoned blouse and a trench coat for a formal look.


– Please avoid boxy and excessively loose tops.
– Don’t wear the same pair of flared jeans with heels and flats. If you do, ensure that it is hemmed to match the heel height.
– Denim on denim is in but I’m not a huge jan of denim shirts or jackets on flared jeans. Just comes off as too much.

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